Liquidity One provides market access to the world’s leading crypto trading and liquidity venues through a single, integrated platform.

  • Seamless Access to Global Liquidity
  • Trade with Intelligent Order Routing
  • Optimal Crypto Prices
  • Dramatically Reduced Slippage
  • Operational & Capital Efficiency
  • One Wallet | One Account | Global Liquidity
  • Your Funds are Never held on Exchange
  • Access Global Liquidity Seamlessly
  • Unsurpassed Liquidity Depth
  • Trade with Intelligent Order Routing
  • Access to Optimal Crypto Prices
  • Operational & Capital Efficiency
  • One Wallet – One Account
  • Client Funds are Never on Exchange

Industry-leading infrastructure for businesses to access, trade, and manage a diverse range of crypto assets.

We consolidate global exchanges to fetch you unparalleled pricing.

One Stop Solution

Trading and investing with just one account, one cryptocurrency wallet and one KYC.

Deep Liquidity

By aggregating top exchanges and protocols, Liquidity One offers access to greater liquidity.

Prime Execution

Smart order routing with integrated dark pool, best available pricing and execution.

At Liquidity One, we understand the importance of asset security in todays trading landscape. Our primary commitment is ensuring the absolute safety of client funds, a promise reinforced by our decision to never hold funds on exchanges.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure.

Our unique setup ensures maximum uptime, minimizing potential disruptions.

In the evolving landscape of digital assets, we stand distinct as a Riskless Principal, transcending the ‘custody at exchange’ model.

  • Client funds held off-exchange with secure custody partners.
  • Optimal capital efficiency.
  • Access to multiple CEXs without funds on each LP.
  • Segregated clients’ funds. No comingling! Insured.
  • Seamless trading across multiple exchanges.

We equip our strategic partners – the clients – with state-of-the-art technology, risk mitigation strategies, deep liquidity, round-the-clock market access, and personalized support. This ensures they can initiate or expand their digital asset ventures with utmost confidence and security. Safety isn’t just a feature for us; it’s the very core of our business.

Secure, Seamless, Superior: Liquidity One’s Promise of Uncompromised Fund Safety.

Liquidity One is compliant by design and built to be the Gold Standard in cryptocurrency trading, globally.

  • Solid fundamentals and strong regulatory oversight.
  • Built in-line with traditional regulatory standards such as MiFID & Dodd Frank.
  • Independent governance over client assets under custody.
  • Robust AML, conduct and prudential risk management controls.

In a world where crypto trading is evolving rapidly, our project is here to revolutionize your trading experience. Imagine a platform that offers unmatched liquidity, transparent execution, and cost-effective trading—all while ensuring security and compliance.

With advanced tools and modern APIs, you can trade discreetly, manage risk efficiently, and access real-time market data. Say goodbye to multiple accounts and hello to a single entry point for all your trading needs.

Liquidity One is built on top of a cutting-edge technology stack that enables lightning-fast trading, real-time risk management.

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